Flood and Water Damage

Water Damage Process

Flood and Water Damage Melbourne & Adelaide

We use the latest water damage restoration equipment and techniques to dry your property as fast as possible!

At Masters Water Damage Services our team has successfully complete literally thousands of flood damage restoration jobs over the past decade and no two jobs are ever the same each water damage restoration job presents its own challenges and each job needs to be professionally handled according to the water damage situation at hand. Below is general outline of our water damage restoration process.

Initial Inspection:
During this process our technicians will assess your water damage situation and categorise the type of flooding – clean water , grey water or black water this will in many cases determine how we proceed with the drying and restoration process. Next we carefully examine exactly where the water and moisture has migrated to with the use of our specialised moisture meters, this process is commonly known as moisture mapping.We leave no stone unturned, if there is moisture trapped behind your cupboards, your walls, your ceiling or sub-floor, we will find it and dry it accordingly.

Make Safe:
We ensure all electrical appliances are removed from any wet areas or any areas that are showing raised humidity levels on our meters, we move all home furnishings away from the flood affected areas to avoid any risk of damage. If the flooding is due to sewage overflow or if it contains bacterial contaminants we will decontaminate the area thoroughly before we proceed any further. We remove and slip hazards from the area and install safety signs and safety tape where necessary in some cases we may barricade the area off to ensure complete safety.

Flood Water Extraction:
We use high powered extraction machines combined with specialised tooling that dramatically increases the airflow to remove as much water from your flooded wet carpets and flooring as possible. The equation is quite simple, the more water we remove during the extraction process the faster your carpets will dry and the faster we can get your home back to normal for you. Therefore the extraction process is very important and we make every effort to remove the maximum amount of water from all flood affected surfaces.

The Drying Process:
Now that we have extracted as much water as possible from your flooded property we can begin the drying process , remember the faster we can complete the drying process the better. We install a combination of high velocity air movers and dehumidifiers in order to remove any remaining moisture as fast as possible, the size and the extent of the flooding will determine how many pieces of drying equipment we will need to use. The time it takes to dry your flooded carpets and flooring will also depend on the extent of the flooding and the weather conditions at the time. We constantly monitor this drying process and take regular moisture readings to ensure the best possible outcome.

Anti-Bacterial Treatments:
When carpets are left wet for an extended period of time unwanted bacteria and mould will eventually set in, creating an environmental health hazard within your home or business premises. To prevent this from happening we treat all flooded and water affected areas with a hospital grade anti-bacterial treatment this treatment will sanitise any flood affected surface and prevent mould and odours from taking hold.

Air Purification:
If the flood water has been sitting for too long and odours have set in we will often install a Hepa Filtered Air Scrubber, this piece of specialised equipment works by drawing in large volumes of air from the flood & water damaged area and passes the air through a Hepa Filter before blowing the air back out. This machine will continue to exchange the air in this manner until the air within the water affected area is completely purified.

Carpet Cleaning and Deodorising:
In most cases as long as the flooding is not from black water and the flooding is not too severe we are able to salvage and restore your carpets back to a better condition than before the flooding took place. Carpet cleaning is the final step in the restoration process, once we have completed our deluxe carpet cleaning and deodorising process your carpets will be in pristine condition and smelling fresh, in fact you would not even know that the flooding had ever taken place.

Insurance Claims:
In most cases we are able to deal with your insurance company direct this will relieve you of the added stress of having to pay for our services out of your own pocket. Once we have completed our service we submit a full water damage and service report that complies to the insurance company requirements to both you and the insurance company.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Advanced water damage restoration equipment & techniques

Flood water damage can strike your business or commercial property without notice and at any time of the day or night. The flooding can be caused from numerous reasons , major storm damage , burst pipes , internal fire sprinkler systems , hot water systems , regardless of the cause water damage to your business can create turmoil and completely disrupt the daily running of your business therefore you need fast immediate action when flooding occurs.

The team at Masters Water Damage services will respond immediately to your emergency call and work around the clock if necessary in order to rectify and restore your flooded premises as fast as possible. Our focus is on having your business back to normal and running smoothly as fast as possible.

Commercial Flooding Can Be Extensive

When internal flooding occurs after hours in commercial buildings due to burst pipes , hot water systems etc , the flooding can be quite severe as the water can continue to run throughout the property for hours and even days without being detected causing major water inundation and flooding.

Our professional team have the experience , the training and the specialised equipment to handle and deal with absolutely any flood water damage situation no matter how large or how small. Our high powered water extraction equipments have the capability to remove large volumes of flood water from your commercial property fast and our latest most advanced specialised drying equipment can complete the drying process in good time. We closely monitor the drying process to ensure your property is dried thoroughly and properly.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Flood Water Damage

  • We use the latest most advanced water damage restoration equipment
  • We have a huge range of equipment to handle any size water damage situation
  • We deliver a rapid response 24/7 emergency service
  • Qualified & accredited water damage restoration specialists
  • We dry flooded wet buildings as fast as possible
  • We can assist with insurance claims

If you would like more details on our service or if your property has been flooded and you require urgent assistance please phone our team on 0405 843 338