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Flood and Water Damage Melbourne & Adelaide

Water Damage Services Melbourne & Adelaide24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week – EMERGENCY SERVICE

Flooding and water damage emergencies can happen at any time and often strike after hours when least expected, you can always rely on Masters Water Damage Services for an immediate response time day or night.

Masters will be there fast, 7 days a week 24 hours a day, when you require emergency water damage services.


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Fast Response Time Is Critical

In most water damage situations immediate professional service is required. At Masters Water Damage Services we have qualified & accredited team members at the ready to respond to your emergency call, any area at any time we can be there fast to provide you with professional water damage services.

Our fast action will minimise the damage and dramatically reduce the flood restoration cost. Flood water can be extremely invasive, spreading fast and saturating everything in its path, walls, furniture , carpets and flooring all absorb this flood water and your property is at risk of permanent damage unless fast action is taken.

Our water damage experts will arrive fast and begin the flood water extraction and drying process straight away to minimise any further loss or damage.

Water Damage Time Frame:

Within the first hour of flooding:

  • Flood water saturates everything in its path as it spreads throughout your property
  • Walls , skirting boards , floors , carpets , furnishings and household belongings begin to absorb the water and become saturated
  • Papers , books , boxes and photographs become water logged
  • Carpets can begin to show early signs of staining and timber legs from furniture can bleed onto the carpet causing permanent staining.

1 To 24 hours after initial flooding:

  • Gyprock walls begin to swell and warp
  • Skirting boards begin to swell and buckle
  • Timber legs on furniture begin to swell
  • Timber floors begin to show signs of swelling
  • Dyes begin to run on paper items , books , and photos as they become further water logged and damaged.
  • Brown water stains appear on wet carpets
  • Bad odours start to appear.

24 To 48 hours after initial flooding:

  • Early stages of mould infestations can begin
  • Odours within the property become more severe
  • Gyprock walls continue to swell and warp
  • Timber floors show signs of lippage and continue swelling
  • Carpets become further stained and start to smell
  • Painted surfaces begin to blister
  • Metal surfaces begin to corrode

48 To 72 hours after initial flooding:

  • Mould and bacterial growth within the property is a major concern
  • Odours become severe
  • Carpets heavily water stained , have severe odour , and begin to de-laminate making restoration less likely
  • Many household items that were previously salvageable are now beyond repair
  • Timber flooring and timber furniture most likely not salvageable at this stage

72 Hours & beyond after flooding:

  • The environment within the property can be hazardous
  • Mould growth and bacterial contaminants can pose a serious health threat for the occupants
  • Most water affected items become contaminated and require replacement
  • Water damage restoration costs increase considerably
  • Restoration of flooded wet carpets is not possible
  • Costly structural and building repairs maybe required

The key to successful flood and water damage restoration is to never let water sit for too long , every hour water is sitting stagnant in your property it is being absorbed into your carpets , flooring and sub-floor increasing the likelihood of permanent damage and making the water damage restoration process more involved and more costly.

If you have suffered any type of flooding or water damage to your property no matter how small or how large call our professional team and we can dispatch a qualified water damage restoration technician immediately.

If you would like more information on our services or you require urgent assistance please phone our team on 0405 843 338.