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Your home is undoubtedly your biggest and most important asset and when it is at risk of permanent damage from flood water you need the expertise of a professional water damage specialist to dry and restore your home back to pre-loss condition. Trusting an amature or an in-experienced technician with water damage services can end in disaster for you the homeowner and even lead to future problems of mould infestations within your home.

We Are Flood & Water Damage Restoration Specialists

At Masters Water Damage Services Australia we are the leading specialists in the flood and water damage restoration industry, all of our dedicated technicians are industry certified and accredited and have countless years of experience in this field. Unlike the vast majority of service providers that are carpet cleaners providing flood and water damage services as a sideline or add on service we specilise in just flood and water damage services.
All of our water damage technicians have been industry trained, certified, and accredited through the IICRC so you can be confident in knowing you will always receive the very best service and advice with Masters Water Damage Services.

The Right Equipment For The Job!

Because we specialise in flood & water damage services only, we are able to put our entire concentrated effort into this field , therefore we have an endless array of specialised water damage equipment to handle absolutely any size water damage job or any situation that may arise. Having the right specialised equipment is key to producing the fastest possible drying of your property our ability to dry your property fast and our knowledge and experience will save you from any further loss or damage to your home.

We Have The Latest Equipment To Dry Your Home FAST!

  • High velocity air movers
  • Low Grain Refridgerated Dehumidifiers
  • Hepa Filtered Air Scrubbers
  • High Powered Water Extraction Equipment
  • Moisture Detection Instruments
  • Water Claws – for increased water extraction
  • Turbo Wall Vents – for fast structural drying
  • The Latest Thermal Imaging Cameras
We take pride in having the ability to dry your home FAST.

24/7 Emergency Service – 0405 843 338

If flooding has occurred to your home it really is important to act fast the sooner the water is removed and your property dried the better. If water is left sitting for too long or if your property remains wet for an extended period of time un-wanted odours can set in , your carpets can be damaged beyond repair , mould and bacteria can take hold and structural damage can be caused to your home. At Masters Water Damage Services Australia we are available around the clock 24/7 for our customers so if you have suffered from water damage of any kind, don’t delay, call us for fast immediate service.

Why Choose Us For Flood & Water Damage Service ?

All of our dedicated water damage technicians have well over 10 years industry experience and collectively our team has successfully completed thousands of flood and water damage jobs.
Our technicians have been industry trained and accredited in Flood & water damage restoration so you can be assured you are dealing with a professional team when you engage our services.
We will be at your home as fast as possible to limit any further damage we are available around the clock 24/7.
We can assist with your insurance claims and in most cases we can bill your insurance company direct.
We have a huge range of the latest specialised water extraction and drying equipment to ensure the Fastest Drying for our customers.
Our professional team is with you every step of the way to help you through your traumatic situation and to return your property back to normal as fast as possible.
Flooding can be caused from a wide variety of reasons and can strike at anytime of the day or night, when it does you can count on the team at Masters Water Damage Services to be at your aid fast to provide professional service and save your home from any further damage.

The most common Causes of Flooding Include:

  • Rain water from heavy storms
  • Burst pipes within the home
  • Hot water systems
  • Washing machines & dishwashers
  • Over flowing sinks & bathtubs
  • Roof Leaks
  • Fridges & ice making machines
  • Blocked drains & gutters
  • Sewage water back-up & overflow
  • Tap fittings & connections
  • Internal fire sprinkler systems
  • Burst water mains
Whatever the reason or the cause of the flooding that has occured to your home or business premises the team at Masters Water Damage Services can professionally take care of it for you
If you have suffered flooding or water damage of any kind to your home or business premises call the professional team at Masters Water Damage Australia on 0405 843 338 for immediate service.